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Page last updated November 25, 2009.


Welcome to my model rocketry page! This page helps me keep track of my rocket hobby. I have not done much in the way of launches for quite a while now, but the page has been updated to fix broken links. I have online for your viewing pleasure, my

as well as a number of other interesting links...

Most of your questions about model rocketry can be answered in the rec.models.rockets FAQ. The rec.models.rockets Archive is also loaded with information.

Rocketry Online is a professional web site and probably has the best rocketry resources on the net in one cool place.

LUNAR is the Livermore unit of NAR. Their launch site is the largest site in northern California, with FAA clearance to 4500'. They have a lot of great video clips of launches on their site too.

If you still want more rocket stuff to surf, check Yahoo!'s Model Rocket Links.

But first you might want to check out Helen's Model Rocketry Page which used to have quite a few AstroCam shots, but now seems to have only a few posted.

HobbyLinc is a huge online hobby store with plenty of rockets. Public Missiles Ltd. sells a wide variety of HP Rockets.

Backyard Ballistics and Backyard Ballistics are not quite a rocketry links, but they have info about launching things!


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