MW2 Box Jade Falcon Clan
& Wolf Clan

Original Game Missions

Demo Version

Gamecenter has a cool MechWarrior Page

GiantBomb has a MW2 page up as well.

FileShack has a MW2 playable demo available for download.


Here are the MW2 cheat key sequences to make the game more playable & fun. Note that these codes only work in MW2, not in GBL or Mercs.


For old-timer DOS hacks who still have Version 1.0 DOS, download the version 1.1 upgrade patch. If you have a Win95 version or a BattlePack version then you don't need the patch. If you don't know if you need the patch, you probably don't. The 1.0 version bugs affected gameplay adversely.

The patch fixes the right arm bug (right arm always gets blown off first because arm hits are counted incorrectly), adds better joystick controller support, corrects the typo for the BattleMaster (see MW2 cheat key sequences for info on accessing the BattleMaster mech), and does some other misc stuff.

Mechs (.mek files)

MechWarrior2 Custom Mechs [7k] -- These .mek files can be added to your MW2 "mek" directory and you can play with the Mechs I used to win the game!

GBL Box Ghost Bear's Legacy
Expansion Pack Missions

The expansion pack is about $30 at most stores, which is a fair price. It requires the original MW2 CD to install, although it is actually a seperate game. GBL plays a bit differently from the original MW2. For one, you are definitely going to want to use the larger mechs (like a Kodiak!) for battle. Everyone and his brother seems to own a 100-Ton mech these days. You should too. Otherwise, your mission will be short and explosive.

Secondly, the game is harder. Maybe it is because I was used to playing fast (100kph+) mechs. But some of the missions are just plain more difficult. (I have almost finished MW2 on the "hard" setting after finishing on "medium", and GBL is about like playing MW2 on the "harder than medium but not quite hard" setting.) I had to cheat on the underwater mission.

GBL has also improved the user interface as far as mission selection goes. Mission briefings now have little multimedia clips you can play, as well as the ability to see the mission goals & your chosen mech at the same time. However, you can only change mech chassis's at certain points in the game progression! You can reconfigure your chosen chassis at any time, but if you picked a chassis for one mission, be prepared to live with it for the next one too!

Lastly, I think GBL is slower than MW2 because it is richer in graphics textures and the like. Slower computers will notice a difference.

I have a GBL Cheat Keys page (of course!).

I also have a page of GBL Battle Shots .

Mercs Box Mercenaries
Stand Alone Game

Mercs is a stand alone game (does not require MW2 or GBL) and comes with both DOS & Win95 versions. You definitely want a Pentium class CPU to play on. Fast graphics card too.

And here is the Gamespot Strategy Page .

I have read on the net that there are a lot of bugs in Mercs. So you might want to upgrade with the Version 1.1 Upgrade Patch .

There is a really nice AVI movie at GameSpot's Review . Ought to be for 9 megs of download...

C|Net's Mercenaries Review is here.

Lastly I have some cheats:

NetMech Box NetMech
Play via Modem & IPX LAN

Ok, here is the deal on NetMech. For modem play or LAN play NetMech works out of the box.

For playing via the Internet you need to get Kali . Kali is a piece of software that tunnels Novell IPX through IP so that the LAN NetMech will work via the Internet. Kali requires registration -- $20 I think. People tell me in email that you can have a good game with 4 people using Kali & 28.8kbps for all players.

Someone in email tells me that MPlayer is free for MW2 (requires Win95 version).

Here is The Page which may be able to help you with NetMech.

MW2 BattlePack BattlePack

Activision is now packaging MW2, GBL, & NetMech into one BattlePack. This is cool, only the cheat codes are different! That will not do. So here are the BattlePack cheat codes . Battlepack has bug fixes, better graphics, mechs fall over when you zap their leg off...

MW2 Titanium Pack Titanium Pack

There is also a newer Titanium Pack which has a 3Dfx-enhanced engine with killer textures and skies. The BattlePack cheat codes still work on Titanium .