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Welcome to Diznitch's EverQuest page!
I am a Level 65 Dark-Elf Enchanter on the Tunare Server.
Dark-Elves Rule!
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Long Live Neriak!

Greetings to my adventuring friends Wolfex, Malisse, Kumaelan, Olliwiz, and Nekrom! Hail!
My old guild Eternal Retribution has moved on to WoW (ick!), but is still active.

My game notes as of my last active play are online.

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Historical Moments

  • Diz completes his Epic Quest March 20, 2002!
    Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Wolfex and ER! The Progress Checklist is still available.
  • Diz hits Level 60 on September 2, 2002! WooT!
  • Diz hits Level 65 on May 17, 2003! They'll just raise the cap now...

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